Cadbury will be re-launching its Top Deck chocolate bar in the UK as part of its 200th anniversary celebrations.

The confectionery company is responsible for a range of popular chocolates including Boost, Crunchie, Creme Eggs and the classic Dairy Milk.

Cadbury fans have been spoilt recently with the release of several new chocolate bars in the UK.

A new Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate bar was launched in the UK at the back end of last year.

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While in 2024 fans have been treated to the release of two new Dairy Milk chocolate bars - More Nutty Praline Crisp and More Caramel Nut Crunch.

Cadbury to re-launch Top Deck chocolate bar in the UK

Now Cadbury is set to re-launch its Top Deck chocolate bar, which was first released back in 1993, as part of the company's 200th anniversary celebrations.

The 90s chocolate bar consists of two layers of creamy white and milk chocolate, giving fans the best of both worlds.

Cadbury has brought back some of the classic Dairy Milk packing for its 200th anniversary in 2024.Cadbury has brought back some of the classic Dairy Milk packing for its 200th anniversary in 2024. (Image: PA)

The new bar will feature vintage inspired packaging from the original Top Deck in 1993, following on from the retro Cadbury Dairy Milk bars that were released earlier this year. 

Brand Manager at Mondelēz International (Cadbury owners), Mara Popa, said: “We’re delighted to be answering Cadbury fans’ requests and relaunching Cadbury Top Deck in the UK for a limited time, as part of our 200-year anniversary celebrations.

"With two delicious layers of milk and creamy white chocolate, every bite of Cadbury Top Deck will reward you with pure indulgence!”


Where to buy new Cadbury Top Deck chocolate bar

Cadbury Top Deck chocolate bars will be available at Tesco stores across the UK from mid-June.

The returning chocolate bar will then go on sale at other retailer across the country in July (retailers are free to set their own prices).

The Top Deck chocolate will be on sale for £1.85 and will only be available for a "limited time" so you'll have to be quick.