Air fryer users have been urged to follow these five "must-know" steps when cleaning their appliances.

In recent years, the UK has been gripped in an air fryer frenzy with sales rocketing for the gadget at many major retailers. 

Their popularity is driven by their relatively cheap cost to own and run, their speed and efficiency and the fact that they typically use less oil than other cooking alternatives.

Now that they've become a staple of the kitchen, it's important that we know how to properly clean and maintain them.

Romford Recorder: Follow this step by step guide for cleaning your air fryer. ( Getty Images)Follow this step by step guide for cleaning your air fryer. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

Giving air fryer aficionados the knowledge, the experts at Hiatt Hardware have shared their essential guide.

They have produced step-by-step instructions on how to easily and effectively clean your air fryer and ward off any chance of food-borne illnesses.

How to clean an air fryer

1. Ensure your Air Fryer is cool, and switched off

For your own safety, your air fryer must be completely cooled down before you begin cleaning.

While the basket may appear cool, internal compartments can still retain heat after use - aim to wait at least 30 minutes before attempting to clean your appliance. 

2. Clean the fryer basket and plates

The removable compartments of your appliance are just as easy to clean as the dishes in your cupboards!

Submerge your air fryer baskets and cooking plates in warm, soapy water and tackle them with a sponge - making sure to pay close attention to any stubborn-looking areas where there may be residue buildup. 

3. Soak removable compartments in a solution

Ensure you are going the extra mile when it comes to cleaning the inner workings of your air fryer, including the internal walls of the drawers, as this is where harmful bacteria can secretly grow and contaminate your food each time you use it.

You can create a trusty cleaning solution made up of equal parts water and white vinegar to shift any hidden traces of grime and bacteria.

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4. Wipe down the heating unit

As it contains the heating coil and fan, the body of your air fryer should never be placed in water.

The safest way to tackle the inside of your unit is to slightly dampen a cloth with some food-safe antibacterial and grease-busting solution, working from the outside inwards.

Pay close attention to any splatters as these can harbour bacteria for long periods of time.

Your air fryer’s coil will be located inside the unit, and this area can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

If you find that grease is stubborn inside the coil you can upgrade to a dish brush, making sure you get inside every gap of the coil, but work gently to avoid any damage.

5. Dry and piece together

Once you can be sure that all elements of your air fryer are clean you can set them to air dry. If you are hoping to reuse it soon, you can also towel dry each compartment before piecing it back together.

Once reassembled, you can set your air fryer in its usual home on your counter or in a cupboard ready for the next use.

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Are you supposed to clean your air fryer after every use?

“Although they can be fiddly to clean, air fryers can house and harbour harmful bacteria just like all other cooking equipment, so we recommend cleaning your air fryer as frequently as you would your pans and oven trays - which is typically after each use!" Ryan Calvert, Product Expert at Hiatt Hardware, commented.

He concluded: It’s especially important to clean your Air Fryer after every use when cooking with raw meat as bacteria such as salmonella can remain on surfaces for up to 32 hours.”