A bowling alley in Dagenham is offering free games or VIP packages to anyone who turns up sporting a waistcoat - a nod to England manager Gareth Southgate's iconic style.

To mark England's first match in the Euros, Hollywood Bowl Dagenham is offering any waistcoat wearing visitors free bowling on Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16.

The surprise offer is dedicated to Southgate, whose waistcoat has become part of his image.

All walk-in visitors wearing waistcoats will bowl for free, while those pre-booked customers donning waistcoats will receive a VIP upgrade or a voucher for a free game in the future.

Hollywood Bowl extends the invitation to families, encouraging them to show their support for the England team in waistcoats and enjoy a complimentary game of bowling.

Liz Penney, head of marketing at Hollywood Bowl, said: "The excitement is building for the nation as hopes are high for the England squad to bring it home this year.

"We wanted to create a special experience that brings families together and adds to the excitement."

Customers can bowl in their own shoes and are urged to pre-book their visit at the Hollywood Bowl website.

England will play Serbia in their first Euro 2024 game on Sunday, June 16, with kick-off at 8pm UK time.