A staff member is no longer at a Redbridge school after pupils found them posting social media slurs about Muslims and LGBT+ people.

The employee at Seven Kings School sent messages to far-right trolls and attacked Redbridge Council for marking LGBT+ History Month.

In between their hate posts, they shared messages promoting Seven Kings School and moaning about Labour MP for Ilford North Wes Streeting.

Their online privacy settings were changed after pupils discovered the account, so the messages were no longer public. Then the account’s username was changed.

But tech-savvy pupils had already used screen recording software to create a video of the staff member’s whole page on X (formerly Twitter).  

They filed formal complaints with the school and shared their evidence with the Recorder, voicing concern that somebody trading messages with anti-Muslim extremists had power over hundreds of Muslim children.

“Many students do not feel comfortable or safe around [them],” said one pupil’s older sibling.

When we asked Seven Kings what action it was taking, it responded that the individual was no longer an employee.

Asked whether they had been sacked or allowed to resign, the school refused to say.

Among the accounts the school worker messaged was convicted fraudster Tommy Robinson (real name: Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), founder of the English Defence League (EDL).

He posted a video of a Muslim councillor in Leeds expressing support for Palestine and saying the common phrase “Allahu Akbar”, which means, “God is great”.

The school worker replied that they were “terrified”.

In other posts, the worker attacked those protesting the siege on Gaza and said they hated Jews.

When ITV advertised a documentary about Muslims celebrating Ramadan, the worker responded: “I’d rather stick needles in my eyes!”

When Redbridge Council tweeted that it was flying the Pride flag for LGBT+ History Month, the employee posted angry faces, writing: “Disgraceful! Stop this absolute, absurd nonsense!”

They reacted to a photograph of a group of trans men with more angry faces, writing: “There are no words, except maybe one! Disgusting!”

When another poster said diversity was “a good thing”, the Seven Kings worker responded: “You’re an idiot!”

One complainant about the staff member expressed concern that if they had been allowed to resign, other schools might hire them not knowing about their extreme views.

“[They] should be on a warning list,” they said.