If you're heading off to universities soon but haven't found the perfect place for you, then this list might come in handy as Complete University Guide has revealed their top 10 universities in London for 2025.

To help future graduates pick the universities that are right for them, the Complete University Guide has created a ranking of universities in each UK region, including London.

The league tables are created to show "the top universities in the UK and allow you to sort them by what's important to you."

As the guide explains: "See the university rankings for your chosen subject and then filter by region, entry standards, student satisfaction, graduate prospects, and more."

The capital has plenty of top universities, from the historic Imperial College London to King's College, the University of the Arts and Queen Mary.

Now the top ten have been ranked by the team at Complete University Guide, see which universities made the list.

You can see the full list and all regional lists via the Complete University Guide website.

London's 10 Best Universities Revealed

The full list of London's top ten universities is as follows: the top spot was the London School of Economics which was also at the top for the 2024 list.


Full list of London's best universities based on The Times

The London School of Economics is known for being one of the "world's leading social science specialist universities" set in the heart of London.

The school allows students to learn by "research-rich education from academics and experts, and wide-ranging resources and opportunities."

St Geoge's has been named on the list for the first time, the specialist health university is set in south-west London and offers courses in health, medicine and science.