Food hygiene inspectors have discovered mouse droppings and a dead mouse in a trap after a complaint let to an investigation. 

Inspectors from Tower Hamlets Council made the discovery when they carried out an inspection at Barry's Fish Bar in Bromley-by-Bow on April 30.

The Devons Road takeaway has had its hygiene rating reduced to one - the second lowest - as a result of the discovery.

A spokesperson for Tower Hamlets Council said: “During this inspection, we saw evidence of mouse activity, including a small number of mouse droppings and one mouse caught in a trap.

"There was also a gap under the rear external door which was the suspected point of entry for a mouse.

Romford Recorder: The results from the reinspection have yet to be sharedThe results from the reinspection have yet to be shared (Image: Google Maps)“As a result, we have reduced the premise’s hygiene rating to one star and have given them an action plan to get the situation under control."

This paper contacted Barry's Fish Bar to get its comment on the matter but was advised it "can't say anything" and that the manager would be back in two weeks. 

The takeaway shop had previously been given the top hygiene rating of five following an inspection on August 15, 2022. 

The rating is due to be updated on the website shortly, after the property is reinspected a week on from the latest inspection. 

If inspectors are not satisfied that improvements have been made, the council will consider formal action. 

Tower Hamlets Council was contacted to confirm the results of the reinspection that should have taken place today (May 7).