A Harvester has successfully applied for fresh signage at one of its Havering restaurants.

The Compasses in Abbs Cross Lane, Hornchurch will get five new signs following a proposal being approved by Havering Council on Tuesday (April 23).

The application, A0008.24, from the restaurant chain was received by the council on February 27 this year and validated the same day.

It was approved with conditions by the local authority, which said that no advert should be shown without the owner's say so, or anyone else with an interest in the site entitled to grant permission.

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Two externally lit signs, a non-illuminated sign and two inside-lit signs have been proposed for the Harvester in the St Andrew's ward.

Applicant Aaron Midgley of Harvester has had his application supported by agent Ashleigh Signs.

The proposal also includes the refurbishment of the Harvester and Wheatsheaf logo.

A new "Welcome" sign is included as part of the plans, as is a post-mounted exit sign.