Ofsted inspectors visiting a nursery in Dagenham have described how children were found "bored" during activities. 

Elm Lane Day Nursery in Church Street has been told it 'requires improvement' following the inspection which took place on January 17. 

The report has now been published, showing the nursery had improved from its previous 'inadequate' rating in September last year. 

The report advised that the activities and teaching the children are receiving by the nursery is not challenging enough to support their development or encourage their attention. 

Romford Recorder: Inspectors said that children were bored by the activities Inspectors said that children were bored by the activities (Image: Google Maps)Ofsted wrote how children are not always excited by the activities planned for them and how this in turn leads "to some children becoming bored and restless". 

The curriculum at the nursery was found to be lacking in appeal, which inspectors said "results in children not making the progress of which they are capable". 

The quality of the teaching and interactions between staff and children in the nursery has been described as "variable" by inspectors who added it is "not at a good level".

Inspectors did, however, pick up on the positive relationships nursery workers have formed with the children. 

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Nursery staff were seen to soothe and reassure children at rest times, as well as providing support when washing their hands and playing outside. 

Feedback from the parents of children who attend the nursery advised that staff are "caring, friendly and approachable", and parents were particularly happy with the daily feedback detailing what their children do in a day. 

The inspectors advised that communication could improve with parents, some of who do not know who their child's key person is and what the next steps are for their continued learning. 

Elm Lane Day Nursery was contacted for a comment but did not respond.