Recorder readers have said Harold Hill "can't cope" with any more houses after the second round of public consultation for a major development launched.

Plans for the Chippenham Road project, which aims to provide 138 'affordable' homes, sparked concern from residents that the infrastructure to support such a development is not yet there.

Nikki Stay said on Facebook: "What is the point in continuing to build new homes when there isn't enough facilities in an area to cope with the amount of people?"

Alisha Anne agreed, saying: "Can’t possibly build more houses here!

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"Everything in the area is suffering enough! Can’t get school places, doctor appointments, dentists!

"It’s a joke!"

The Chippenham Road project forms part of a regeneration masterplan of Harold Hill town centre.

The new neighbourhood will include four apartment complexes with one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom homes.

The new 'affordable' homes would be built on Chippenham Road and Kings Lynn Drive, with extra features of the planned development including a community garden, play areas and casual seating.

Despite this, residents worry the necessary infrastructure has not been considered, particularly health care.

Ellie Michell commented: "When it comes to further development and bringing more people into the area, the infrastructure needs to grow to cope.

"More doctors, dentists, clinics.

"Certainly, Queen's Hospital is overused and can't cope.

"The police station on The Hill closed and has never been replaced.

"These things need addressing."

Emma Mym Bowers simply said: "Are you serious we can’t cope with the people we have."

The second round of consultations for the project will be carried out until May 10, and will give residents the opportunity to voice these concerns as well as any other thoughts on the scheme.

A spokesperson for Havering Council said: "There is a shortage of new affordable homes in the area and our plans will help meet this demand by providing the community, including smaller and growing families, with more housing options.

"We are committed to fostering a vibrant and sustainable community where every individual has access to safe and affordable housing and services, and our plans reflect this."

They added: "We want to encourage everyone to tell us their views either via the online survey or by visiting us at one of the drop in sessions next week."

To take part in the consultation, visit