Winds on the Isle of Dogs caused a huge tree to fall into the road, blocking traffic. 

Westferry Road was partially blocked yesterday afternoon (April 15) just after 5.30pm after the tree fell across one lane heading towards Mile End and Limehouse. 

The news came after a weather warning for London was issued by the Met Office that same day. 

Romford Recorder: A large tree could be seen blocking the laneA large tree could be seen blocking the lane (Image: Anonymous)Road users and homeowners across London were advised that they could be affected by the strong winds, namely by travel disruptions and temporary power loss. 

Officers from the Metropolitan Police were on hand at the scene in Westferry Road, helping to guide traffic past the fallen down tree. 

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Pictures taken nearby showed traffic in the area at the junction of Tiller Road with Westferry Road.

Romford Recorder: Traffic was seen queueing to try and get throughTraffic was seen queueing to try and get through (Image: Anonymous)The temporary traffic lights pictured are believed to be the result of ongoing roadworks. 

According to the AA, Westferry Road is clear of the obstruction and traffic is coping well.