Spring has officially hit London and the weather this weekend is set to bring a warm start to April.

Even Los Angeles is set to be cooler than the UK this weekend, with 18° on Saturday and 16° degrees on Sunday in the American city.

Meanwhile, London is going to hit 20° on Saturday and will match LA at 16° on Sunday.

The outlook for Saturday to Monday in south east London reads: “Mainly dry this weekend with plenty of sunshine, but notably windy.

“Winds easing Monday, mostly dry with rain later.

“Temperatures slightly above normal, but warm or very warm on Saturday.”

Here is a breakdown of the weather on Saturday in London:

7am - 8°C: Cloudy

10am - 13°C: Sunny intervals

1pm- 15°C: Sunny

4pm - 15°C: Cloudy

7pm - 12°C: Cloudy

10pm - 10°C: Cloudy

Here is the weather on Sunday in London:

7am - 12°: Cloudy

10am - 14°: Cloudy

1pm: - 16°: Sunny intervals

4pm- 15°: Cloudy

7pm- 14°: Cloudy

10pm- 12°: Cloudy