As a trio of adventurers, our family embarked on a quest to seek out the legendary big green ogre amidst the bustling streets of London.

Our journey led us to the South Bank, and Shrek's Adventure, where an enchanting experience awaited us.

Ushered in by uniformed attendants, we joined a merry band of fellow explorers on the interactive 'Dreamworks Tour'.

First we boarded a classic London Routemaster primed to transport us into the heart of the experience. Yet, our expectations were quickly overturned as our guide, in true panto fashion, led us onto an alternative mode of transport – a breathtaking 4D opening scene that catapulted us into our immersive adventure.

Romford Recorder: Meeting The Muffin man at Shrek's Adventure on the SouthbankMeeting The Muffin man at Shrek's Adventure on the Southbank (Image: Shrek's Adventure/Dreamworks)

With the aid of cutting-edge VR technology, we soared skyward from the South Bank to the whimsical realm of Far, Far Away, albeit with a few mishaps courtesy of Rumpelstiltskin and his band of mischievous witches.

A colossal crash later, we found ourselves in a whirlwind chase through the unmistakably odorous and squishy surroundings of Shrek's swamp. Despite the absence of the titular green giant, we heeded the sage advice of Cinderella as our escapades unfolded.

Hailing from the same lineage as the London Dungeon, Shrek's Adventure London adheres to a tried-and-tested formula. We were led through a series of captivating vignettes, each weaving a new tale which included solving clues, taking part in whimsical musical interludes, and engaging in delightful antics to progress through the 75-minute tour – all in hopes of a joyous conclusion.

Romford Recorder: The adventure takes visitors through 10 fairytale themed live shows The adventure takes visitors through 10 fairytale themed live shows (Image: Shrek's Adventure/Dreamworks)

The meticulous set design left us spellbound, with surprises lurking around every bend. Our journey through Shrek's whimsical and off-kilter fairytale world brought us face-to-face with beloved characters such as Donkey, Doris the barmaid, Pinocchio, Puss in Boots, and the Gingerbread Man.

Dreamworks' creative touch shone through in the stunning animations that peppered our adventure.

While there's no official age requirement, the experience does have its share of thrilling moments and is ideally suited for adventurers aged six to 12, as well as adults who relish the whimsy of pantomime throughout the immersive journey.

Shrek's Adventure runs daily on the Southbank within the County Hall building. Nearest tubes Westminster and Waterloo.