TripAdvisor reviewers have identified London's "selfie paradise" - the iconic Tower Bridge.

If you are one of the "selfie crazed", reviewers reckon this famous landmark should be at the top of your London bucket list.

This popular London attraction has racked up an impressive 40,036 reviews, and seems to consistently wow its visitors.

With a more than 26,200 'excellent' reviews and a further 11,469 'very good' rankings, Tower Bridge seems to have earned its spot at the top mainly because of its selfie potential.

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In fact, according to one visitor, a selfie is taken there "every 10 seconds".

Andrew W from Leeds gave a hint of this bridge's appeal to the snap-happy, saying: "I estimate there's a selfie taken here every 10 seconds based on my observations when walking across - it's not just the bridge there are so many iconic London landmarks to capture in the background."

Maria Mitgelb from Athens called the bridge a "selfie paradise".

Romford Recorder: The walkway at the top is glass - but some visitors brave it for the picturesThe walkway at the top is glass - but some visitors brave it for the pictures (Image: James Manning/PA Wire)

She said: "You can't travel to London and not take a selfie at the Tower Bridge!!"

It's clear that this iconic bridge is a big hit with photographers, amateur and professional alike.

It was awarded a Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best award by TripAdvisor in 2023, and even made it onto their list of the most 'Instagrammable' spots in London.

Many reviewers raved about their experience taking pictures while walking across the top of the bridge.

The standout feature - a glass walkway seemed to delight and petrify visitors in equal measure.

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Many said that "if you can face the look down" the views - and selfies - are worth it.

One reviewer said: "Did the tour walking over the top of bridge it was good to walk along top but wasn’t expecting the glass floor ha my legs went to jelly for a second."

Peter R from Dartford added that the floor was "not for the faint-hearted, although made for "amazing views".

One reviewer reassured us that you don't have to stand on the glass - the fearless can lay down and snap selfies.

She said: "You are able to walk around the glass if you don't want to walk on it - or lay down and take photos like me!"