West Ham fans are the most arrested in the top two English leagues, Home Office data reveals.

There were 214 total arrests of Hammers supporters from 2019 to 2023, ranking first.

Manchester United fans ranked second at 178 arrests in that period, followed by their rivals Manchester City with 171.

Overall, 5,223 football fans were arrested from 2019 to 2023, excluding arrests from international games. The leading cause was public disorder which stands at 1,849.

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The data was analysed to discover the number of arrests per team from the Premier League and Championship divisions, England's highest two.

Public disorder was the most common reason for Hammers fans' arrests, researchers found.

Violent disorder accounted for 54 arrests and throwing missiles made up for 39.

London rivals Tottenham Hotspur, eighth on the list, had 121 arrests in total.

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