The Queen Elizabeth II bridge at the Dartford Crossing has been shut due to strong winds battering Essex tonight.

The southbound QEII bridge at Dartford Crossing is closed as Storm Isha is set to bring winds of up to 60mph to the county overnight.

All traffic wishing to travel southbound/clockwise on the M25 is being diverted through the east bore Dartford tunnel.

Northbound crossing traffic is being confined to using the west bore Dartford tunnel only with a height restriction of 4'8m.

Vehicles over this height need to seek an alternative route via the clockwise M25.

A National Highways spokesman said: "If this closure impacts on your planned route, please allow extra journey time. Plan ahead, you may wish to re-route or even delay your journey.

"Further information is available from National Highways by visiting our website and travel apps, or via our regional twitter feed.

"Our 24/7 contact centre team is also available to provide up to the minute information on 0300 123 5000."