A man has been decorating Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) cameras with Christmas lights in Havering so “more people can see them”, he said.

Videos of the cameras adorned with the lights have been viewed thousands of times on TikTok, with the first one shared last week featuring a camera in Hornchurch.

A note left on the pole said: “Happy Xmas, Mr Khan! Lots of Love. White RS Cab & Friends”.

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The pseudonym, the Recorder is told, is used by a group of more than 20 people who are upset with ULEZ and have come together to tackle it in their own ways.

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One of them, who came up with the idea of putting fairy lights on cameras, told the Recorder that their intent is not to damage the cameras at all.

The idea behind it, he said, is to just spread some festive cheer and highlight them so “more people can see them”.

Romford Recorder: One of the cameras even has a Santa hat on itOne of the cameras even has a Santa hat on it (Image: White RS cab)He added: “It’s Christmas, it's fun. It is making people smile. We have got such positive response for it.

“The other day someone shared a video that showed people having a laugh. A lady who had her birthday was taking pictures with it.”

The man, who prefers to be anonymous, said he has received messages and kind remarks due to his work.

He added: “The thing that’s been good for me is that the happiness I’ve seen in people and all the love I am getting, it's cheered me up and it's made me better.

“I suffer from mental health issues and now every day I walk around, I am smiling."

He however stressed that he is no activist or “blade runner”, but just a forklift operative who is angry about ULEZ which he calls "unfair".

Romford Recorder: The man said he does not endorse any vandalism against Ulez camerasThe man said he does not endorse any vandalism against Ulez cameras (Image: White RS Cab)He does not however condone any sort of vandalism against ULEZ cameras, he said.

Police said there were 510 crime reports relating to ULEZ cameras logged between April 1 and the end of August.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who made the decision to expand ULEZ to the whole of London from August 29, previously warned people attacking cameras that “protest should be lawful, safe and peaceful”.

He claimed he has “great respect for the police” and does not like the idea of making their jobs harder.

He has received donations from people, he added, and the money raised will be put into buying some more fairy lights.

Next week, he said he hopes to put some tinsel and lights over the back of ULEZ vans with the permission of the van security guards because he is "a nice guy".