A Mercedes driver has been fined for inconsiderate driving on the A406 North Circular in Barking

Shazia Noor, 47, of George Peabody Street in Plaistow, was found guilty of driving without reasonable consideration for other road users. 

She was behind the wheel of a Mercedes C Class on November 10 last year when the offence took place, Bexley Magistrates’ Court heard. 

It was told that at the Barking off-slip heavy traffic was queuing to exit the road. 

Noor suddenly applied heavy braking, indicated left and pulled alongside another vehicle, the court heard. 

This caused other vehicles to brake heavily on the main carriageway to avoid a collision. 

On October 12 Noor attended court where she was fined £309, ordered to pay a £124 surcharge and £200 in costs to the Crown Prosecution Service. 

She was also given three points on her licence.