A Labour MP has called for a new probe into an East End murder case, in the wake of a Newsquest investigation.

Apsana Begum, MP for Poplar and Limehouse, has urged an official watchdog to consider the case of her former constituent Jason Moore.

Mr Moore, formerly of Canary Wharf, is more than nine years into a life sentence after jurors found him guilty of the 2005 murder of Robert Darby, from the Isle of Dogs, outside Ilford’s Valentine pub.

Earlier this year, Newsquest sparked public protests when our reporting raised doubts about the safety of Mr Moore’s conviction.

Protestors twice gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice to demand Jason’s release, based on our new evidence.

Ms Begum is the second MP to call on the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) to review the case.

In July, Clacton Conservative MP Giles Watling penned a letter urging the CCRC to reinvestigate, citing “widespread doubt” about Mr Moore’s guilt.

He is Mr Moore’s parents’ local MP.

In her own letter, Ms Begum has now written: “I support the representations recently made to the CCRC by Mr Giles Watling MP.

“He highlighted that a review of the decision may ensure the judicial process that led to this conviction cannot be called into question."

Ms Begum has previously tried unsuccessfully to help campaigners gain access to undisclosed evidence in Mr Moore’s case.

Other big names backing Mr Moore's bid for freedom include justice campaigner Lord Nicholas Monson and cricket legend Sir Ian Botham.

Romford Recorder: Left: The innocent man who the star prosecution eyewitness wrongly identified as the killer in 2005. Right: The picture of Jason Moore he picked out seven years laterLeft: The innocent man who the star prosecution eyewitness wrongly identified as the killer in 2005. Right: The picture of Jason Moore he picked out seven years later (Image: Met Police)

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Mr Moore was charged and put on trial based on a single eyewitness identifying him as Mr Darby’s killer.

But he did not match that witness’s original description of the killer.

The witness had already wrongly identified another man, who looked nothing like Mr Moore, as the killer, and only identified Mr Moore seven years later, after police had already shown him Mr Moore’s photo.

When Newsquest tracked the witness down, he revealed he had been “drunk” during the incident.

“It was the blink of the eye!” he exclaimed. “I was passing by! How could you remember things like that?”

Our interview with the witness will form part of a new application to the CCRC, the only body with the power to refer Mr Moore’s case to the Court of Appeal.

Both MPs’ letters will be included in the application.