An animal rescue charity has landed a £5,000 windfall to help run its sanctuary in Brentwood.

The 53-acre Hopefield Animal Sanctuary currently cares for 500 sick, unwanted and mistreated animals.

Its mission is to help animals in need and create awareness for humane behaviour towards them.  

The charity was chosen at random for Benefact financial services group’s Movement for Good awards out of 104,000 nominations from people around the country choosing welfare causes they cared most about.

“This boost helps animal welfare,” Benefact’s chief executive Mark Hews said. “We know that £5,000 can make a huge difference to the incredible work that animal charities do.”

Benefact has given £200m to good causes since 2014, helping 2,200 charities. 

Cash winners are chosen at random, but organisers say the more times a charity is nominated the more chance it has of being picked.