Pigeon droppings are still causing misery at a shopping centre, months after a move to enforce a ban on feeding the birds was promised.

In September, the Recorder reported the issues flocks in Market Place were causing for Romford Shopping Hall and people living in flats above, with the birds defecating in the car park and on balconies. 

Shaun Barker, director at centre operator Land Management, said the area was “inundated with pigeon problems”, and with potential costs of more than £77,000 for netting and spikes, he called on the council to help. 

A Havering Council spokesperson said at the time that it was reviewing enforcement action including new signs telling people not to feed the birds, with possible actions against those who continue to do so. 

But nearly three months later, Mr Barker said "nothing seems to happen", despite regularly chasing the council for updates. 

“There’s nothing that has happened since we last spoke, other than I have had more tenants come and complain,” he said.

Romford Recorder: Shaun said the pigeons have been defecating in areas including the car park and on residents' balconiesShaun said the pigeons have been defecating in areas including the car park and on residents' balconies (Image: Shaun Barker)

Julie Frost, director at Romford BID, said they continue to pay for hawks to fly around the town three times a week in an effort to disperse the birds. 

While the hawks are “effective”, Ms Frost said: “Unfortunately, due to people still feeding the pigeons and the situation where pigeons are nesting in particular areas such as the old derelict car park at the top of the market, under the railway bridge at the station and along the High Street, this is not proving as successful as we had hoped.   

“We are continuing conversations with the council and have offered to pay for new signage advising people that feeding the pigeons is classed as littering and could result in people being fined by enforcement, and hope that these will be in place very soon.” 

Cllr Ray Morgon, leader of Havering Council, said: “Enforcement teams regularly patrol Romford town centre and speak to anybody seen feeding the pigeons, and have served warnings on several people. We have also spoken to market traders to ensure they are complying with the rules and not feeding the pigeons.

“The council has installed temporary signs asking residents and visitors not to feed the birds, and are speaking with the Romford BID about installing more permanent signage.”

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