A plant producing toxic berries is continuing to grow next to a Romford subway – though its life may soon be coming to an end. 

The berries were first brought to Havering Council’s attention in 2019 after a resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, spotted them by the underground passage in North Street. 

Confirmed to be bittersweet nightshade, a less poisonous relative of deadly nightshade, the resident again raised the issue earlier this year after seeing the berries growing back

The council confirmed it would remove the plant and monitor over the autumn. However, the resident said he has since seen the berries reappear once again, saying it is “good to see how seriously the council is taking this”. 

"The subway is a popular walking route used by children attending Parklands School," he added. "The bright red berries are at eye level for passing children, highly visible and easily within reach."

A Havering Council spokesperson confirmed the plant was sprayed two weeks ago, and is expected to die within three weeks. 

"Once we are satisfied that the plant has died, we will arrange for it to be removed,” they added.